“Zoom Icebreaker” — a team-building game


I wanted to work with these beautiful forms since the math class last year where I first met them.

Scenario with simple shapes

Scenario with complex shapes

Inspiration & backstories

The main inspiration for this project has been something I can call a “Zoom icebreaker phenomena”. We all attend a crazy number of virtual meetings these days and they might feel incredibly awkward if people actually see each other for the first time over Zoom. This might be really problematic if they need to start working together.

I’ve come across a few “icebreaking zoom-techniques”, and most of them were quite horrible and based on making a person talk about their favorite food in front of 10 unfamiliar people on Zoom or Google Meets.

I think interaction is always a better icebreaker rather than self-presentation. Also, one of my friends told me how helpful some physical activity might be during very long meetings.


I plan to use Posenet for getting the movements from the Players, Three.js for modeling the world and the shapes, ngrok, and webRTC for the connections across the network.



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