Visual language: typography & expression

3 min readNov 5, 2019

Part 1 — airline boarding pass redesign

My approach to this assignment step by step:

First things first, I tried to figure out what is important in the boarding pass, when and for whom, and I took this very personally. I am always checking the information on my boarding pass while at the airport, and get really annoyed by the mess there. And of course, I did some research across the web for inspiration.

So, my goal was to make this space as clear and readable as possible and let passengers quickly check the most important things: this is MY boarding pass, I know the number of MY flight, I am here in the right DAY, I will not miss the boarding time, I know which number to look for if my bag gets lost, I know where to go when it’s boarding time (but I am aware that the gate might change).

I believe ‘DOCS-OK’ part is a stamp, so I left a sort of ‘ideal’ space for the stamp so that important information is not hidden afterward.

I also tried to make the pass easily readable for the ‘quickest look of the airport employee or the flight attendant possible’. These people should be able to make sure that this is the right piece of paper in the hands of the right person at the right moment. I was driven by this logic while assembling the separatable part of the boarding pass. I tried to leave there only the relevant and important information without extra ‘definitions’ (‘flight’, ‘passenger’, ‘destination’).

I think that once the design of the ticket is approved by the airlines, it is easy for flight attendants to get used to the hierarchy and find what they need very fast.

Part 2 — 3 expressive words

This was simply enjoyable. I made a few versions — with different drop for ‘work’ and faces off/on for ‘privilege’ because it was hard to choose better one myself without a fresh eye.