Visual language: edited poster and personal brand

4 min readDec 3, 2019

The new version of my poster for the Winter show. I tried both to follow the recommendations and keep the initial idea:

The old and the new version:

Logo, typography, palette and me as a brand

I must admit that was a rough ‘thought process’. I came up with the key symbol I definitely wanted to use as part of my logo quite quickly since my last name in my native language basically means ‘someone with the eye’.

That’s why earlier in life, I often used eyes as part of my personal digital mythology.

Just a few of my favorite examples.

Then I suddenly turned to the idea of using my spirit animal in my logo (and almost straight away turned it down).

I admit that using a human eye for the logo is not a very ‘original’ idea:

And still, it resonates with me. It is quite literal — my last name is related to eyes and I get a little obsessed with images of it:

… but, to be honest, my personal brand, for now, should be quite literal. I mean, I must be able to let people immediately know what I can do professionally, even simpler — which skills I do have.

I assume that real brand design is not about that and I should probably add some mystery and fun to my digital persona BUT I am strongly convinced that one can only add some mystery to any brand after its core value is clearly defined — and I can’t say it about myself, especially at this time of my life.

Anyway, for the final logo, I used different symbols of my professional interests, areas, and skills:

There is the eye with the camera in it, eyebrow reminding of the first letter of my surname in Russian, a few electrical-computing eyelashes that also remind me of the people sitting and listening to the lecture (since I teach as well); and the two eyebrow’s tips reminding of the pencil or a pen, because everything I do, starts with writing and ends with it as well.

I also liked this image but couldn’t help adding more to it.

As for typography, I picked the font Cinzel for its ability to play with the letters in my name (it is visible on the screenshot with my first and last names):

I decided to stick to the color palette I made for myself for the corresponding assignment: