Visual language: color compositions

2 min readNov 13, 2019

That assignment was suddenly pretty rough.

First I started thinking about the colors that matter to me, that have so to say “history” (for me, personally). However, after I tried playing with them I realized that no matter how meaningful colors are to me, they just don’t match, don’t look great with each other and don’t make any sense in terms of design.

Then I tried to address the pallettes of my favorite artists and it also didn’t work, even though I still like them.

And then I remembered the photo that my friend recently made.

I immediately fell for it for the way it resonated with my emotions and tastes. So I took this photo as a basis to pick five colors for my personal palette. Here is what I eventually got:

This is my palette.

Creating compositions was also difficult. Here is what I have. I cheated a little bit, and one of my compositions isn’t square but I couldn’t stop myself.

And the last one I created in p5.js. LINK TO THE ANIMATED SKETCH.