A two-player game made with webRTC peer connection

2 min readSep 21, 2020


This week I was lucky to work with one more ITP-er Marcel Oliver-Rose Truxillo on our second assignment for the class “The Body Everywhere And Here!”

We needed to build a project where two players are able to interact across the network, from two different computers in two different locations, using NGROK, Simple WebRTC, and Express Server with Socket.io Signal Server. I don’t think that I can describe the technical side better than it is already described here.

The main purpose of this week was to make the whole set up work. We met twice — once in person and once in Zoom, to run the servers and code from the class example on both of our laptops, test interaction, and debug.

Eventually, the connection worked out, even though we had to be really patient to achieve that. We didn’t really change a lot in the initial example but played a little bit with animation and background.


There are also some updates on my previous sketch that I hope to make into a bigger project later on. First, I tried to compare the color of each pixel to … the color of each pixel if that makes any sense. Sounds not very convincing but works better — if you are wearing something black. Second, I asked a more experienced friend to help, and he made his version which looks better but doesn’t really solve my problem of connecting the number of shiny pixels to the amount of movement. Third, another experienced friend recommended to try Python, and even though I strongly doubt I am now capable of following this advice I just want to keep these links here for the sake of documentation: